Our company is located in the city of Almagro (Spain), center of a region of well-known tradition in embroidery. 200 Km. far from Madrid in the south, Almagro is very well communicated by motorway and high-speed train.



This technique of embroidery arrived through the establishment of different families of businessmen and bankers at our city coming from the Netherlands, agreeing with the great splendour in century XVI.

In 1950 the company PEÑA arose, supported in this artisan culture, having as objective the knowledge and diffusion to the market for this singular and beautiful product with a great artistic value, that comes transmitting from generation to generation. Hence we are dedicated to the manufacture of home textiles, made of high-quality natural textiles and beautiful embroidery designs.



For this year´s collections we present two well-differentiated lines giving much importance to the quality of our fabrics and complements: first of all we have a classic collection using elegant natural fabrics; secondly a contemporary design collection based on latest fashions. The whole process of creation, design and manufacture is completely made in Spain, combining craft works with the latest available technology.

Through our high quality standard and efforts since our foundation we have obtained an great market acceptance. This effort is reflected simultaneously in the elaboration of a wide variety of products that identify themselves which desires of the presents consumer and their tendency to a style of fresh and natural decoration.



PEÑA couples its competitive quality products with excellent customer service. Our commercial department are very close to their needs. Our consolidated Spanish commercial network and new international department regularly shows them the new features of our collection.

We also exhibit at Textilhogar fair, and take part in many commercial missions.



A series of proposals conceived for rest and comfort, based on the quality and naturalness of our selected fabrics like: linen, cotton, silk...., with nice decorative and elegant finishing using embroidery and many different laces. All that give us the bases of our products and designs, adapting to new tastes and the new challenges posed by modern homes.

We propose you enjoy every moment: waking up with the person you love, savour your preferred food, occur a bath of sensations......

.......moments that bring life to your home.