Our firm is located in the town of Almagro, Ciudad Real, which is in La Mancha, the birthplace of Don Quijote. Almagro is located in the south of Madrid, about 200 kilometres away by the A4 highway and 50 minutes away by the high-speed train. Almagro is the centre of an area with a great tradition for bobbin lace work.


This lace technique reached our town from the Netherlands through various merchant and banker families who settled in Almagro in the 16th century. It coincided with the great splendour that this town experienced in that time.

Our family business started in 1950, based on this artisan culture. The initial objective was to promote this unique and beautiful product, which has been transmitted from generation to generation. From the founding date until now, we have expanded to a much bigger market with more potential. We have been making linens, laces, embroideries, etc., using high quality, attractive, beautiful and exclusive designs.


This year's PEÑA collection presents two highly different lines: a natural, classical style line based on embroidery and an innovative, colourful line. You can see a brief selection of our wide offer at this website and receive further information by sending us an e-mail.

At PEÑA, we place extreme importance on the quality of our fabrics and complements, as well as on the final finishing of our products. Our entire process of creation, design and manufacturing is performed completely in Spain, thereby combining the latest generation technology with the hand-made work, following the most authentic artisan traditions.

Our new lines express modern tastes and a new tendency towards a fresher, functional and natural style of decoration, while remaining admired for quality and style.


Through our commercial department, we offer highly individualised attention to the needs of our customers. Therefore we have our own consolidated network of commercial agents throughout Spain. We periodically visit our customers with the latest collections. We have recently created an export operation division for international customer service.

You can visit us each January when we take part in the Textilhogar International Exhibition in Valencia (Spain). Also, we will be happy to visit your company, if you wish.


Our lines are focused on improving your life style. We base our proposals on the high quality of finishing and natural quality of fabrics and materials (linens, cottons, silks), which are the strength of our products due to our long experience working with embroidery combined with a fresh and trendy design for a completely modern look at home.

Our wish is that our collection will bring comfort and pleasure to you and your home.